Mother Of God

by God's Speed

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The second official God's Speed album and the first double-album release. Recorded. mixed and mastered January - December 2014. Additional mastering January 2015..

All music and lyrics written by H. Jason Wright

Track 1 from Disc 1 and Tracks 6,7 and 13 from Disc 2 taken from the "...And This Will Soon Pass" Sessions Late 2011


released May 12, 2015

Jason Wright: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synth/Keys, Drums/Percussion and Effects



all rights reserved


God's Speed Huntington, West Virginia

One-man doom / psychedelic metal project formed in 2011 influenced by the depths of despair, agony, fear, sorrow and hopelessness...

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Track Name: Introduction To Self Destruction
Track Name: Point Of No Return
It's the very end and my mind trips
You're just in time for the apocalypse
The rapture comes but you're still there
Don't worry because you're not going anywhere...

Left behind, helpless and alone
Wishing to be anywhere except for home
Before you begin blame on being less respected
You shunned first before being rejected

Will there ever be another chance at redemption?
To escape the beast that has forever been mentioned?
Just bring yourself to your knees and pray
And feel the wrath on earth before flying away..
Track Name: The Sorrow And The Wrath
Who is your God?
Who do you worship?
Are your views flawed?
Do you question it?
Who do you follow?
What do you stand for?
Is your head hollow?
Do you know what's in store?
Are you willing to die?
Are you ready to burn?
Will you just stand by
When it becomes your turn?

Divided we stand, united we fall
The truth was a lie after all
In the eyes of the unholy ones
With all your power and loaded guns
Killing yourself and all who remain
Justified in the mind of the criminally insane

Do you believe?
In someone other than you?
Are you ready to leave?
Behind the evil you do?
Why risk your eternity?
When your judgement is so near?
When there is opportunity
To make it all right and clear?
What will it be, my friend?
Have you made up your mind?
Is this how it is going to end?
Just another one of the killing kind?

Divided we stand, united we fall
The truth was a lie after all
In the eyes of the unholy ones
With all your power and loaded guns
Killing yourself and all who remain
Justified in the mind of the criminally insane
Track Name: Visions From The Other Side
In death we pray
All this ends today
All pain and suffering
Gone away, done to nothing
See this light they speak of
Becoming dark up above
See the inferno before me
In the distance i can see
Is this the end of the story?
On my way to purgatory
From this nightmare awaken
Before my troubled soul is taken
Track Name: The Great Outcast
The pale horse rides in to town
The stranger comes with peace in mind
With no idea of what's about to go down
They want war and it is war you will find
Troubled by a dark and sketchy past
With his head hung to the ground
Thoughts of when he was here last
Lifts his eyes to take a look around
And forward he rides into the unknown
Placing all of his fears to the side
Though isolated, he is not alone
Brings the faith along for the ride
He halts and pauses for just a moment
Grasps his cross and takes a deep breath
Approaching west comes the hellsent
Surely to bring with it absolute death
A battle you want, then war you will get
Trouble letting go, now you will be beat..
To never forgive or to ever forget..
Your grudge has cost you your last defeat

You have been warned and told time and time again
It may have been better to avoid the judgement of wrongs
When the mirror clearly shows no saint looking back at him
Bury the past in yesterday where it rightfully belongs..
Track Name: Until Forgiveness
Don't follow your own sorrow
Don't stray when you pray
Don't hate your peaceful mate
Be a friend, it matters in the end
Don't betray with words you say
Don't be cruel as a golden rule
Don't be a hypocrite, it just does not fit
Be faithful and wise, or meet your demise

Until forgiveness you will never find
Until forgiveness a heart so kind
Track Name: Lura
Last embrace comes on Easter Sunday
Without a trace, you vanished and faded away...
Never seen again since that very day
If I had known this would go the other way...
Not enough to take me for a ride
Like all the others, we just let it slide
With all the lies and wicked deception
Born of evil from the hour of conception

These addictions of man and medicine
Are the afflictions of those who care some
Drift like a carefree black cloud
Your promiscuity seems to make you proud
A chapter in the book of mysteries
And all we have are the foggy memories
Can't believe that I ever fell for you
Would have travelled the depths of hell for you..

Guess you got what you wanted and now you're gone
Guess it was so easy for yourself, a true con
And now I give you the girl with two faces
Devious woman who leaves without traces..
Which is truth and which would be the lies?
A slave to society, but a master of disguise
When you were coming, I knew I should have run
I couldn't see this evil you would become..
Track Name: Into The Abyss
The dark sky above churns rain that turns into blood
The oceans become seas of crimson red that begin to flood
The mountains become canyons and the ground splits in two
The trees become ash and the earth's dust will become you..

The abyss swallows life, conquers all and consumes the soul
The abyss destroys faith, ruins hope and takes control
The abyss is the ultimate force of annihilation, my friend
The abyss is the final stand; the very mark of humanity's end...
Track Name: Down To The Bottom
Track Name: From Death To Destination (Part One)
Track Name: The Theory Of World War III
Gather your soldiers men
Prepare yourselves for battle
We will never flee from them
The sound of the death rattle

On this dark and grey dawn
The enemy far from asleep
Eyes wide open and marching on
Thoughts of home in memory we keep

The world divided like never before
Chaos beyond all imagination
Welcome to armageddon-this is war!
Genocide for a new generation

Fire in the sky, disaster in the air
The sound of destruction is everywhere
With no time to think, nowhere to run
World War III has just begun

In the fight that nobody wins
All that have fallen dying in vain
Plagued by disease and wicked sins
Shattered hopes with endless pain

A holy war that has become so vile
Earthquakes and explosions everywhere
Thousands of warriors walking their last mile
Parading through the smoke that fills the air

Prophecy says it will end this way
Not without a struggle will we go down
Upon this earth, it is our final day
Split the sky and open the ground

Fire in the sky, disaster in the air
The sound of destruction is everywhere
With no time to think, nowhere to run
World War III has just begun
Track Name: Ode To The Fallen
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Track Name: Hades Central
Track Name: The Misery Of Company
And here they come marching in
Unwanted like homemade sin
Uninvited here they come again
Showing up every now and then

Always here each and every day
Why don't they just go away?
It's not my will for you to stay
Sometimes I just want to fade away..

Come all enemies and stay my friends
The invitation opens from both ends
What will it take to make the amends?
The trust may break but never bends..

Like soldiers coming to take over all
These invaders will either rise of fall
They know no bounds beyond the wall
They have nerve and abundant gall

Go away and never come again...
I'm through with you and all your sin
Wait for the rest of my life to begin...
Track Name: M.O.G.
Mother Of God...
Track Name: Headtrip Queen
Turn this around on me as if I were in the wrong
Living with the agony of this for way too long
Who is truly the villian in the eyes of the unseen?
All your twisted lies, you are the headtrip queen

Take this out on me as if I were the evil one
Taking advantage of this good natured son
Taken from me more than you can give back
Sanity is priceless, but now under attack

Take a look at yourself as you are the one to blame
And confuse your insecurity with this mindless game
Give it to me straight so I know what you mean
All your mad delusions, you are the headtrip queen
Track Name: Coward In Black
Down to the knees in the enemy's land
With courage in the wake of fear
The eyes of the world watching him stand
Reciting his last words for all to hear

The words he speaks are not his own
His final speech at the mercy of the knife
With so many on his side he feels yet alone
Living out the last moments of his life
The blood is shed upon the foreign soil
As it rains blood upon the barren ground
The message sent from the dark foil
The world in disbelief without a sound
All of this at the hands of ignorance
With a thirst for power and hunger for hate
Merciless evil that only to you makes sense
Nothing can prepare you a merciless fate
Coward in black
Coward in black
Coward in black
Coward in black
Merciless evil!
Track Name: The Lifeless
Track Name: The Means
The longer and longer this goes on and on...
The stronger and stronger i will become
A complete fool you are for trying to break me at last
A complete hypocrite you are for trying to cover your own past

You should make more effort keeping your business where it belongs..
You should spend more time judging yourself and your own wrongs..
You should probably take your pathetic life to end your own misery
And leave us alone so that we may live life again and be free..

The more and more you make violence and war
The greater the silence of peace and much more
It will never end because you are a true warrior of hate
Unforgiving by choice this will soon become your fate
Track Name: Emerging From The Womb Of Innocence/Coward In Black
Never asked to be born
Never asked to die
To exist is to be torn
Between what is wrong and right
When growing as a human
Becomes an act of breaking down
When being wise has lost it's fun
The things you know bring you down
And as you realize
Mistakes you make are your own
No way to make disguise
And blame others for actions shown...
Track Name: ...And This Will Soon Pass
A cold winter's morning and in her resting she lies
As the beloved gather and share their hopeless cries
When it becomes our time, fate knows no recourse
The sting of death comes without mercy or remorse

Though years you have been, but still leaving so soon
Seemed there wasn't enough time to express to you
The feelings and thoughts we had buried deep inside
Taken for granted before, but at the final moments confide

Death is a part of life and this we have surely learned
In the eyes of the grieved and the hearts of the concerned
And though we remember the sweet spirit that lifted us in every way
We shall never forget the gentle soul that left our world that day
Track Name: M.O.G. (Reprise)
Mother Of God...
Track Name: The Insanity Song
This pain too deep to heal
Disease too terminal to cure
This nightmare that is all too real
In my mind all to impure
The hurt lives on the inside
Even slumber can escape it not
This agony impossible to hide
Memories of bliss are what you've got

Don't tell me that you know
You don't know how it feels
No real hope for tomorrow
You don't know how it feels

Cursed with a fate worse than death
Maybe even worse than hell
For the tormented there is no rest
Like the mind in which i dwell
Just want it all to disappear
The anxiety is too much to take
Far beyond the reaches of fear
What difference does this all make?

Don't tell me it will be alright
You don't know how it feels
See this change from day to night
You don't know how it feels
Track Name: From Death To Destination (Part Two)
Track Name: Enemy In The Mind
Something tells me it's going down
What is this feeling in me i have found?
Don't understand what is going on
The will to live has come and gone

Brought to my knees by this very cruel place
The torture in these eyes and sadness in my face
The agony and despair that you may not see
Is living on the inside deep within me
Track Name: The Wait
Lord, do I have a reason to live?
And is there anything left to give?
Surrendered it all for all the best
All for nothing and nothing less
Thinking of reasons not to end it all
To take it back and mend it all
Impossible to overcome, this ugly guilt
The house of despair that life built
My thought and fears overcome me
My regrets and doubts overrun me
My sheer hopelessness serves me well
In this existence of living hell

Surviving and struggling to exist
With the life I had surely missed
No difference between day and night
No difference between wrong and right
Lost the will to live a long time ago

Time has passed and life may have changed for the most part
But left with this unforgiving feeling of guilt in my heart
No matter how hard I try to bring it all out of my head
This nightmare will stay with me until the day I am dead
Track Name: Descension
Track Name: The Last Rites Of Eternity
To darkness i descend
Is this truly the end?
Tried so hard and yet i failed
A life crushed and spirit impaled
Onward to the bitter finale
Lord please spare my eternity
No other way out but through this
A life of misery i shall not miss